Lirik Lagu Maher Zain - Mawlaya

Lirik Lagu Maher Zain - Mawlaya
Mawlaya salli wa sallim da’iman abadan
‘Ala habibika khayril khalqi kullihimi (x2)
Ya Rabbee salli ‘aleeh (x3)
Salawatu Allahi ‘aleeh
(My Lord send you peace and blessings always and forever
Upon Your beloved, the best of the entire creation (x2)
My Lord send your peace upon him (x3)
May Allah’s salutations be upon him)

All the poetry ever written
Every verse and every line
All the love songs in the world
Every melody and rhyme
If they were combined
They would still be unable to express
What I want to define
When I try to describe my love for you


Every sound and every voice
In every language ever heard
Each drop of ink that has been used
To write every single word
They could never portray
Everything I feel in my heart and want to say
And it’s hard to explain
Why I could never describe my love for you


There’s not a single person
Who can ever match his worth
In character and beauty
To ever walk on earth
I envy every rock and tree
And every grain of sand
That embraced his noble feet
Or that kissed his blessed hands
Ya Rasool Allah
Ya Habiba Allah
Grant us the chance to be with him
We pray to You Allah

Lirik Lagu Mawlaya
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